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Palazzo Milzetti and the Old Town Centre - Towers Tour : Guided tours in Romagna

Palazzo Milzetti and the Old Town Centre

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     August 7, 2019

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Palazzo Milzetti and the Old Town Centre

National Museum of Neoclassical Art in Romagna


HALF DAY TOUR (2 hours)


  • Palazzo Milzetti
  • Old Town centre of Faenza (its palaces, the Duomo and Torre dell’Orologio)


Faenza is the city of ceramics, but in the city there is also a real treasure chest of neoclassical art: Palazzo Milzetti.

It is the example of the elegant architectural and decorative taste that flourished in Faenza during the Neoclassical period.

A few years after the earthquake of 1781 which caused damage to the houses owned by the Milzetti family, Count Nicola decided to begin the construction of this palace. He hired the architect Giuseppe Pistocchi from Faenza and later on the painter Felice Giani, who was commissioned to decorate the building.

On the ground floor it is possible to visit the rooms where the Count lived, including his library, which is marvelous for its simple and functional elegance, and you will also see the famous oval antechamber of the bathroom, considered one of Felice Giani’s masterpieces. This decoration was inspired by the art of Herculaneum.

Climbing the solemn staircase to the noble floor, you will enter the great Octagonal Hall called Temple of Apollo.

From here you can go to Party Hall or Achilles Gallery where the lowered vault and a continuous decoration give an effect of light and marvelous elegance. Finally, you are in the bedroom of the spouses, whose decoration tells the story of Ulysses’ return home and Penelope’s loyalty. Noteworthy in this room are the 19th century silks on the walls that enchant visitors with their dreamy night motifs.

After a brief stop in the pretty inner courtyard, the visit continues to the old town centre: Piazza del Popolo.

On the square stands Palazzo del Podestà and  Palazzo Municipale ( the City Hall) which was originally the palace of the Manfredi family, lords of Faenza.

On Piazza della Libertà, an extension of Piazza del Popolo, you can admire the Renaissance Duomo (Cathedral of San Pietro apostolo), the baroque fountain Fontana Monumentale, dating back to 1621, and the Civic Tower or Torre dell’Orologio rebuilt in Baroque style after the destruction following the bombing of the Second World War that completely razed it to the ground.


Entrance ticket to Palazzo Milzetti: € 4 full / € 2 reduced

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